Barry the Robot

Barry is a small, flexible and affordable warehouse robot developed by semester one students at Fontys University of Applied Sciences named Small Warehouse Solutions.

It’s initial idea was to make an affordable and flexible system for small businesses to easily manage their warehouses. In order to accomplish this Barry the robot has been made as both a marketing stunt and as actual prototype. The software and marketing were a great success, but the hardware prototype unfortunately failed to succeed and was delivered half broken.

Software written by Noah Scharrenberg & Niels Osnabrugge was developed to make a flexible system, where you are able to setup your own warehouse, assign products to certain brackets and command Barry to pick it up and deliver it at it’s starting point.

Marketing was made by Tim van Engelen, Jesper Holm & Noah Scharrenberg in an attempt to balance our the mistakes made with the Hardware. Making the actual product look better, and having Barry the actual Robot more like a marketing tool.

Barry the Robot


  • Noah Scharrenberg, Niels Osnabrugge, Jesper Holm, Tim van Engelen, Jeroen Janssen,

  • -

  • October, 2016

  • February, 2017

Creating an affordable logistics robot for "small-scale" warehouses