Caretaking System

On behalf of the municipality of Eindhoven (School Assignment, where multiple project groups made the same project) we have developed a care system that should be user-friendly and efficient.


Our aim is to bring an easy to use program for the needy (Elderly, handicapped …) The service needs to be as easy as possible. No calling around and asking questions but giving a few clicks on the screen and the rest is taken care of by the staff.


To remedy this problem for the most part, and to simplify it, we have been given the task of developing a Care System that is user-friendly for people in need of help. This makes it much easier for both the needy and the care workers to do certain parts, and this requires less time and effort.


  • User System
  • Question System
  • Chat system
  • Appointment System
  • Reviewing System
  • Video Calling


  • Noah Scharrenberg, Niels Osnabrugge, Remi van Deursen, Mark van Alphen, Stijn Rutten,

  • Municipality of Eindhoven (School Assignment)

  • October, 2016

  • February, 2017

Creating a Caretaking System as a CRM & Scheduling app.