Comboman is a multiplayer platform fighting game. Battle up to 4 other people from around the world. Use the weapons and power ups you find to eliminate your opponents and win the game.

Comboman is a java based game running on a server using RMI (Java Remote Method Invocation). Originally based on Bomberman and later-on changed to be more similarly to smash bro’s.

Where did I work on?

  • Player, weapon and power-up graphics and logic.
  • Unit tests
  • Additional help such as fixing issues, bugs and/or glitches.
  • Attack and defense logic including damage and HP calculations.
  • Remote Method Invocation Logic (multiplayer)


  • Noah Scharrenberg, Niels Osnabrugge, Koen Strijder, Peter Smallenbroek, Sjoerd Lemkens, Christian van den Klooster,

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  • August, 2017

  • January, 2018

Comboman is a multiplayer platform fighting game.