Enecsys Solar Panel Dashboard

For my "profielwerkstuk" (profile paper) in high school, I worked on making a dashboard to showcase solar panel data from it's converters. Here we not only made the dashboard but also worked on properly reading-out the converter data (with the use of Omoerbeek's library) and locally storing and formatting the data in a memory-friendly and user-friendly way.

This project was done because the original suplier of the solar panels went bankrupt and the client requested us to try to find a solution to be able to read out data, such that he can still see how much his panels are producing.


  • Noah Scharrenberg, Martijn Fleurkens,

  • Herm Hoex

  • October, 2015

  • June, 2016

A dashboard that shows how much your Enecsys solar panels produce.