Hypovisie CRM

Hypovisie CRM is a customer relationship management system. It’s a customized version of Curema CRM and set to a more unique and having additional features added and/or removed.


  • Customer Information
  • Customer conversation log
  • Customer Process / Traject
  • Assignments (within processes)
  • Panteia (within processes)
  • Invoices (within processes)
  • Client and clientcontact (the company where the customer is coming from)
  • User system + groups
  • Permission system (permissions for each component)
  • Logging System
  • Export Data to CSV


  • Noah Scharrenberg,

  • Hypovisie

  • -

  • August, 2017

  • January, 2018

Hypovisie CRM is a system developed to manage customer relations and leads.