Let Me In

Let Me In is a physical computer game, that tries to make people aware of hacking. Showing them that hacking is basically a game for hackers, where they try to solve a bunch of puzzles in order to get access to your data. It’s being played similarly to “Keep talking and nobody explodes”. One person sitting in front of the castle seeing a lot of things going on, while another person on the other side has a manual, trying to guide the other person into succeeding to access the castle by solving the puzzles.

This was my first project at Fontys University. For this project we had to do multiple aspects such as Business (setting up business plans), Technology (hardware), Media (website) and software.

Hardware Utilities:

  • 2 Arduino’s (one arduino used for calculations and communications between all devices, the other arduino used for showing things such as leds, or moving mechanics.
  • 1 Lego Mind storm (used for color scanning and sending the data to the arduino)
  • a breadboard.
  • A castle

Software Utilities:

  • Let Me In
  • Game Manual


  • Noah Scharrenberg, Niels Osnabrugge, Ralph van Montfoty, Michel van Dooren, Simon van Someren, Adnan Basri,

  • Fontys University of Applied Sciences P1 Event

  • August, 2016

  • November, 2016

Creating a physical game to spread awareness to hacking in a more playful way.