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Project Description


Comboman is a multiplayer platform fighting game. Battle up to 4 other people from around the world. Use the weapons and power ups you find to eliminate your opponents and win the game.

Comboman is a java based game running on a server using RMI (Java Remote Method Invocation). Originally based on Bomberman and later-on changed to be more similarly to smash bro’s.

Where did i work on?

  • Player, weapon and power-up graphics and logic.
  • Unit tests
  • Additional help such as fixing issues, bugs and/or glitches.
  • Attack and defense logic including damage and HP calculations.

Java, Architecture


Software Engineering
Software Development


Noah Scharrenberg
Niels Osnabrugge
Koen Strijder
Peter Smallenbroek
Sjoerd Lemkens
Christian van den Klooster


About My Work

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Recent Works

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