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Project Description


Curema is an open source customer relationship management system, developed to bring free alternatives to the already existing mostly expensive enterprise CRM systems.

The system was originally aimed for an open source project, and later-on some features have been added for an upcoming client who was interested into the project. I have designed a brand around the system named Curema which stands for Customer Relationship Management, and is meant to bring basic functionality for free similarly to enterprise software.


  • Admin Panel
    • Customers
    • Contacts
    • Conversation logs
    • Invoices
    • Estimates
    • Expenses
    • Contracts
    • Leads
    • Employees
    • Support Tickets
    • UWV process (custom feature requested by a client)
    • Settings such as Payment methods, taxes, status & sources, categories, departments, announcements, priorities.
  • Customer Panel
    • View my invoices
    • View my Estimates and proposals.
    • View my contracts
    • Create a ticket

PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Architecture


Software Engineering
Software Development
Open Source


Noah Scharrenberg


About My Work

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